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When a romantic relationship comes to an end a highly stressful period begins, regardless of the reason for the breakup and whether you accept it or not which triggers all sorts of painful feelings. They lack the necessary coping skills required to adjust to the new scenario. The breakup starts impacting their occupational, social and personal life. The online counselling process helps you to go through the grieving process as soon as possible and begin to in towards the direction of a better future.

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Therapies For Relationship

Post Marriage Counselling

Post marriage counselling is a form of therapy that aims to help couples work through issues that arise after they have been married. It typically involves meeting with a trained therapist or counselor who will listen to both partners. The goal of post marriage counselling is to help couples identify and address any problems that may be affecting their marriage and to provide them with the tools they need to maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Breakup Counselling

The goal of breakup therapy is to create a consistent, shared narrative of the relationship — a story both partners believe in and one with a beginning, middle and end. In doing so, they both accept some measure of responsibility for their split.  Breakup therapy is about moving past the relationship. Over a half-dozen sessions with specific, targeted exercises and homework, this therapy aims to ease the couple’s transition to their new lives.

Pre-Marriage Counselling

Pre Marriage counseling is a type of therapy that can help couples prepare for marriage. It can be helpful for couples who are struggling with any of the following issues: Communication problems / Conflict resolution / Financial planning / Intimacy / In-laws / Children / Religion and values / Mental health / Substance abuse Etc. Premarital counseling can be a great way to learn new communication skills, improve your understanding of each other, and strengthen your commitment to your relationship. It can also help you identify and address any underlying issues that may be affecting your relationship.


Couple Counselling

Couple counseling, also known as relationship counseling, is a type of therapy that helps couples improve their communication, resolve conflict, and build a stronger relationship. It can be helpful for couples at any stage of their relationship, even if they are not facing any major problems.


Symptoms Of Relationship

Communication Issues

Emotionally Distant

Frequent Arguments


Physical Abuse

Trust Issues

Benefits Of Counselling For Relationship

Counselling for Relationships has the potential of 360 degree upgrading your life from Finance to Self Image to Self Worthiness to Health to Wisdom Etc. The social belongingness element of the human race quenches its thirst from  relationships that emanate Peace and Happiness and this forms the foundation of unleashing the infinite power of the Subconscious mind

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Relationship Counselling

Counselling can help save your relationship if both partners are willing to put in the work and make changes. Counselling can help you and your partner to:

  • Improve communication. Counsellors can teach you how to communicate more effectively with each other, both in terms of how you express your thoughts and feelings, and how you listen to each other.
  • Resolve conflict. Counsellors can help you learn how to resolve conflict in a healthy way, without resorting to name-calling, blaming, or stonewalling.
  • Build trust. If trust has been broken in your relationship, counselling can help you rebuild trust and learn how to communicate more honestly with each other.
  • Address underlying issues. If there are underlying issues in your relationship, such as bad habits, mental wellness problems, or trauma, counselling can help you address these issues and improve your relationship.

If you are both committed to making your relationship work, counselling can be a great way to get the help you need.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you are considering counselling for your relationship:

  • Choose a counsellor who is experienced in working with couples. Not all counsellors are created equal. It is important to find a counsellor who is experienced in working with couples and who has a good understanding of the issues that can affect relationships.
  • Be honest with your counsellor. Counselling is only effective if you are willing to be honest with your counsellor about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. If you are not honest with your counsellor, they will not be able to help you.
  • Be willing to work hard. Counselling is not a quick fix. It takes time and effort to improve a relationship. If you are not willing to put in the work, counselling will not be successful.
  • Be patient. It takes time to see results from counselling. Do not expect to see a change overnight. Be patient and give counselling time to work.

If you are thinking about counselling for your relationship, I encourage you to reach out to a counsellor and see if it is right for you. Counselling can be a great way to improve your relationship and build a stronger future together.

Here are some signs that you may need relationship counseling:

  • You are constantly arguing or fighting. If you and your partner are constantly arguing or fighting, it can be a sign that there is a deeper problem in your relationship. Counseling can help you learn how to communicate better and resolve conflict in a healthy way.
  • You feel like you are growing apart. If you and your partner are feeling like you are growing apart, it can be a sign that you are no longer on the same page. Counseling can help you reconnect and rebuild your relationship.
  • You have lost trust in your partner. If you have lost trust in your partner, it can be very difficult to rebuild the relationship. Counseling can help you and your partner work through the issue of trust and rebuild your relationship.
  • You are considering divorce. If you are considering divorce, it may be helpful to seek counseling first. Counseling can help you explore your options and make the best decision for you and your family.

No, relationship issues are not a mental illness in and of themselves. However, they can sometimes be a symptom of a mental illness, such as anxiety or depression. If you are struggling with relationship issues, it is important to talk to a therapist or counselor to rule out any underlying mental health conditions.

Here are some signs that your relationship issues may be caused by a mental illness:

  • You are having trouble controlling your emotions. You may feel overwhelmed by anger, sadness, or anxiety.
  • You are withdrawing from your partner and other relationships. You may not want to spend time with your partner or friends and family.
  • You are having trouble sleeping or concentrating. You may find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep, or you may have trouble focusing on work or school.
  • You have thoughts of harming yourself or your partner. If you are having thoughts of harming yourself or your partner, it is important to seek help immediately.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to talk to a therapist or counselor. They can help you assess whether your relationship issues are caused by a mental illness and provide you with treatment options.

It is also important to remember that relationship issues can be very stressful and overwhelming. If you are struggling, it is important to reach out for help. There are many resources available to help you cope with relationship issues and improve your mental health.

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